• 1st Bearsden Boys' Brigade

    The Boys' Brigade promotes a wide range of physical and educational activities for ages 6-18 years and it keeps the leaders healthy too!The hall is also used by a number of other clubs and organisations offering a variety of activities involving sport and theatre.
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  • Torrance Parish Church

    Hosts a library service, boys brigade, girls brigade, film club and spiritual support.The Friendship Lunch for the Retired is held on the first Tuesday of each month at 1pm.This is an opportunity for all retired people, irrespective of age, male and female, to come together for a two course lunch at set tables and to enjoy each others company.While most folks come from Torrance there are some from the surrounding areas. If mobility is a problem, requiring transport, then this can be arranged.Lunch is followed by a speaker (covering a wide range of topics) and / or a musical item.The Torrance...
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