The East Dunbartonshire Asset Map is based on the concept of community asset mapping, where people can find out about the assets they need personally to maintain good physical- and mental health and wellbeing, because those assets are communal and available to all of the community.

As well as obvious community assets like GP surgeries, pharmacies, churches, gyms and sports centres; there are the less obvious assets, like a park bench with a spectacular view of the sunset, or the route of a relaxing walk through the woods. You are not going to find those assets in the phone book or through an internet search engine: people who live in the community need to flag them up.

Community Assets are not just geographical locations: in order to understand an asset, you need to understand its significance, its story, its narrative. That is why an asset map is more than just a map with locations on it – it is a way to share what one member of the community finds valuable, with other members of the community who will also find it valuable.

The East Dunbartonshire Asset Map will not just be a map with buildings marked on it, it will need to have descriptions and categories of assets, so that you can find arts and crafts assets; or exercise assets; or assets that are wheelchair-accessible; or assets that are dementia-friendly. People in the community need to be able to add those assets, to update them, to show how valuable they are.

The community is always changing, so a static map is no use to anyone. The asset map will have to be a live document, always changing with the community, mapping new assets, deleting those that have disappeared.

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